About Me

I grew up in a small town in the midwest, and always dreamt of coming to LA and becoming a successful artist. Arriving in LA, I encountered a whole new world that I tried to make sense of. I had no idea how to make my dreams happen, but was completely determined nonetheless! My music is mainly influenced by pop and singer-songwriter material, with some electronic/industrial thrown in. I like to create songs with the heart of all three – often with some twist the listener is not expecting. I currently have over 350 songs to my credit, and have released 3 EPs and multiple singles. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have my songs placed in TV shows & movies, including several songs on The Young & the Restless. Performing is one of the things I love the most!  I’ve put on shows with guitar and dance at venues like the Whisky a Go Go, Knitting Factory, House of Blues, etc. In between performances, I’ve worked with acclaimed musicians and producers, including several members of Madonna’s music team. Social media has been one of my main ways to connect with people around the world and experience the undeniable power of music! Over time, I’ve built up a worldwide fan-base, a social media presence of over 50Kover one million video views. I continue to find new modes of expression along with ventures such as creativity coaching, in addition to my biggest love, MUSIC. 

My Mission

Is inspiration, empowering your voice and changing the way that creativity and art are valued in the world. I believe creativity can enhance EVERY part of one’s life and that it’s one of the most amazing human abilities! When we connect to ourselves through creativity, we come to our truth and embrace who we are. Every voice is needed, now more than ever… 



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