Custom Song Packages

Personalized Songs Based on Your Story


Getting something for someone you care about or love that they’ve never had before, is completely unforgettable, and utterly timeless is a pretty tough thing to do. But you’re in the right place ~

What if you could…

⭐  Have your or their individual story immortalized in a song?

⭐  Show the person you care about or love just how they special they are by giving them a song inspired by them or your relationship?

⭐  Give them such a unique and thoughtful gift that they would be moved to happy tears?

Show him or her how much you care about them in a totally unique and unforgettable way!


Special Occasions | Weddings | Anniversaries | Engagements | Birthdays | Bar & Bat Mitzvahs | Retirement Parties | Just Because


1) Al-x will personally consult with you to learn about your unique story, what emotions you want to portray or evoke, and the essence of your song. It’s a fun interview where she gets to know more about you, the other person, and your story.

2) Next, Al-x will spend some time composing the melody and chord structure and write the lyrics. Once she has a version ready for you, she’ll play the song for you, and get your feedback.

3) Once the song gets your approval, Al-x takes the next step. Your song is recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered, as part of the process.

4) Once the magical songwriting and recording process are completed, you get the recording of your own custom song!

[*In very special circumstances, Al-x will come and perform your song LIVE at your wedding, party, event, or birthday celebration!]

5) Finally, the person who receives your personalized song lavishes you with appreciation! It’s something unlike anyone has EVER done for them before! And they’ll have it to enjoy for the rest of their lives, thinking of you each time they play it.

“Direct, appealing, heartfelt songs that transcend genres and arrangements.”


Influenced by straight pop and singer-songwriter material, Al-x creates songs with the heart of both, and often with some twist the listener is not expecting. Drawing from the 350 songs she has written, Al-x has created exciting shows with guitar and dance at hot L.A. venues like the Whisky a Go Go, Knitting Factory, House of Blues, etc. In between performances, she has worked with varied musicians and producers, including several acclaimed members of Madonna’s music team. She has released 3 EPs. Over time, Al-x has built up a fan-base around the world, a social media presence of over 50,000, over one million video views, and continues to find new ways to reach out and connect with people. Day to day, people want to dance and release, or to reflect and be grounded. Usually, one has to switch artists to cover one mood or the other, but Al-x covers both: catchy, addictive hooks fill her pop/dance songs while memorable, heartfelt melodies and lyrics flow in her acoustic songs. When writing, producing, or recording music, she feels she travels to a different realm – the magic of that realm transports the listener too.

“A sweet soothing voice to accompany beautiful lyrics sung from her heart. She has a fan in me – for life!”

Nicole, UK


“Listen to the vulnerability, passion, and feeling this girl’s voice emits! WOW!”

Gabriel, USA

Al-x only takes a Limited number of custom song clients per year.

*She books out a minimum of one month from the event.