AXS:  Al-x releases inspirational dance single ‘Fearless’


Today, recording artist Al-x released her highly anticipated single, “Fearless.” The new song, available for stream on her SoundCloud here, is a dance anthem that anyone who has gone through trials and tribulations in life, only to come out stronger, can relate to.

While the bass pulses in the background, slowly rising to a crescendo, Al-x passionately sings, “You thought you’d bring me down/you think you’d steal my pride/you thought you’d steal away every thought and be justified.”

You can hear the emotion in Al-x’ voice in the song’s chorus, giving the inspirational lyrics even more meaning. This is a single that truly lives up to its name with an empowering message that listeners can get behind. The production on “Fearless” is top notch, giving it definite radio air play potential. This is a beat that will get your toes tapping, head bobbing, and sticks with you long after it’s over.


Billboard Magazine, Chuck Taylor  


“On the Dark Side,” Al-x

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Al-x offers a rare combination of electronica instrumentation… with sonic heart. Recently released single “On the Dark Side” from EP “Let’s Start Tonight,” oozes with a kaleidoscopic swirl of blips & bleeps, sensuously slinking ever so cautiously into the dark reaches of the mind, as Al-x admits, “It’s not like I didn’t mean all the things I said before, It’s just that something’s changed, I don’t feel them anymore… I stopped believing you were the one.” With a vocal that conjures vintage Madonna or Kim Wilde, “On the Dark Side” is an ideal anthem for those more solitary moments on the dance-floor when the twirling ebbs and the slinking ensues.

“Al-x is by far the most amazing singer I’ve discovered in the last few years! When I first heard this album I was blown away by her powerful unique voice! Too Much caught me totally by surprise! I Want More, brings out feelings in me that I can’t even explain! Her voice is soothing and it speaks to me in a way that most contemporary singers don’t! Definietly a must have album. And what I like the most about her I don’t know how to categorize her: is she pop music , is she electronic music , is she dance music , is she acoustic music? Then I realized: she is everything and much more!”


Al-x – Always

A surprise hit here from Al-x; ‘Always’ is fresh and bright, with a feel good summery sound to lift everyones mood.

Starting with a depth and a sweetness in her vocal, there is certainly a hint of influence from Taylor Swift here, which is no bad thing given the height of the popularity of that particular singer songwriter right now. What we have here in ‘Always’ is a perky, fun blend of pop and dance beats that use a bare acoustic guitar as its main foundation. By the time the song has managed to really get its hook into your head, there is a gorgeous breakdown as the instrumentation pulls pack to allow the vocal to stand out and let the song’s melody stand out all the more.

There is no doubt that this is one of those tracks that once you have heard it, the hook will be buzzing around in your head for the next few days – further evidence that Al-x has got what it takes to get the following she deserves. Perfect for those times either taking a walk, driving in the car, or even kicking off a party to get people feeling good, ‘Always’ is the ideal three minute pop song to get everyone nearby feeling great.

Al-x – On the Dark Side (Music Video)

Electro Pop Takes a Step “On the Dark Side” With Rising Singer/Songwriter Al-x Releasing her Debut Music VideoAl-x is on fire. After years of exciting fans with her unique, hypnotizing mix of electro/dance and acoustic vocal driven pop, she’s finally releasing a video. The song is titled “On the Dark Side” and the anticipation is enormous.

The next big thing is something that’s often said in the music media press, but it’s never been truer than the case of Al-x. When you take a different approach to music that’s dear to so many, approaching it with unrestrained passion and creativity, it’s hard for the world not to notice.

Al-x moves comfortably in her songs between the world of pop music, with an electro twist, all the way to classic acoustic guitar based songs brought to life with her angel’s voice. Sometimes she even mixes both genres in a single song and comes out with something much greater than either part. After steadily building her international fan base with three EPs and countless live shows to her credit, she’s recently announced her first music video. “On the Dark Side” will be released on July 11th. This is sassy pop music with an edge. Don’t miss it.

“Al-x evokes a wide range of influences and moods in her first LP contirubution. Able to switch with fluidity from emotional ballad to aggressive pop / elctronic numbers, these five songs show a talent that at different moments feels reminiscent of Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Amy Studt, and Sheryl Crow. An eclectic and interesting taste of a fresh talent”


Al-x – “Let’s start tonight”


Al-x is a driven, charismatic and passionate singer-songwriter who set out to create music with a personal attitude.

Her sound is a blend of electronica and pop: the tunes featured on “Let’s start tonight” are a great example of her style: from her way to compose, sing and perform, you can sort of get a feel that the songs come from a  very simple and intimate place, perhaps from a bare and spontaneous guitar-vocals arrangement.

Later on, the songs “get dressed” for the party with tight drum-machine beats, lush synths and open lead melodies; not unlike artists the likes of Robyn. The release features 7 songs, which take the listener from lively and energetic club beats to the intimacy of the acoustic guitar. Al-x is not afraid to showcase and share her influences, as testified by her stunning version of “Sorry” by Madonna. This version feels more minimal, personal and elegant because of the folksy vocal harmonies and cool guitar lines.

Al-x keeps it simple, in the best possible way: whether she is backed by a full-set electronic track or simply by a lonely acoustic guitar, one thing always remains constant: direct, appealing and heartfelt songs that transcend genres and arrangements. A good song remains a good song, however you want to dress it up!

“Al-x has outdone herself with this one! Every track on here is a gem, and I can’t stop listening to it. And the Madonna cover, well, I’m a Madonna fan, but I think I like Al-x’s version more! Truly fantastic album!”


Always Music Video

“Always” by Al-x Brings Back Girls with Guitars – With A Twist

Hailing from LA, Al-x is a singer and songwriter who dances and plays guitar – sometimes at the same time. She takes a unique approach to her blend of pop music. Her sound blurs the lines between electronica, contemporary pop and singer-songwriter music, going for an appealing, fresh and relatable feel.

Al-x is quickly rising in the competitive LA music scene, as she already performed live at some of the most famous venues in the city and released well-received EPs. Her latest single, “Always”, is catchy, dynamic and forward-thinking with an infectious beat and relatable lyrics that truly resonate with listener. The official video for “Always”, premiering September 18, showcases Al-x’s creativity and vision, from a spunky girl dancing with her guitar to feeling the thrill of love to basking in the beauty of California. Don’t miss it and let the music tell you the rest of the story!


“Listen to the vulnerability, passion, and feeling this girl’s voice emits! WOW!”


  Al-x: “Let’s Start Tonight” Is Sassy Pop With An Edge

Sometimes people have two personalities, and they fight with each other. But Al-x nurtures both, creating an interesting hybrid. Influenced by both straight pop and singer-songwriter material, her vast amount of material has helped Al-x create exciting shows at hot L.A. venues like the Knitting Factory, Whisky a Go Go, The Key Club, House of Blues, etc. In between performances, she has worked with some varied musicians and producers, including several acclaimed members of Madonna’s music team, and has released 3 EPs. She has built up a fanbase around the world and continues to find new ways to reach out and connect with people.

Al-x’s 7-track EP is entitled “Let’s Start Tonight”. The album preys upon the recognizable cross-hybrid of retro/electronic pop and turns out great, giving her more street cred, and us more funky urban beats to gyrate to. “Let’s Start Tonight” is another step forward for Al-x. It’s not her previously self-titled Ep or even “Taking Me Over”. It’s different, but not that much more so. Its 80s influenced, mature, daring, and classy. There are up-tempo tracks, there are mid-tempo tracks; music you can dance to, music you can relax to, or even music you can take a long solitary drive to.

The songs here are well thought out and have a darker, sexier edge than some of her previous works. This is sassy pop with an edge. With “Let’s Start Tonight”, Al-x exudes confidence in and about herself. All throughout the Ep she uses a luscious mix of her soft, sensual attitude and a myriad of throbbing beats. Equally impressive are the tinges of acoustic guitar flavors found on tracks such as, “Dawning Of The Day”, “Sorry(Cover of Madonna)” and the bonus demo track, “Awoken”.

“On The Dark Side”, is an eerie, dark-electro, mid-tempo melody that displays Al-x’s versatility, confidently showing that she can do any kind of song successfully. It is also my favorite track on the Ep.

“Let’s Start Tonight” is sophisticated and smoky, as Al-x confirms and cements her 80s pop and urban chic sound, with just enough acoustics to keep her sound rich and organic. This Ep is a mature, languid, and slick affair. Al-x starts the Ep off, with funky dance stylings then fades out with stripped down acoustic tracks which work perfectly. Basically she moves from club to intimate atmospheres.

In general, Al-x has produced music here that is very sensual and subtle, with lots of great electronic textures that work to enhance the songs, instead of just being the songs. “Let’s Start Tonight” has a groovy, retro pop feel mixed with catchy modern embellishments, that will appeal to anyone that appreciates good pop music.

“Have you heard Al-x ?? Well you should. A sweet soothing voice to accompany beautiful lyrics sung from her heart. She has a fan in me – for life!”


Al-x – Dark Music Video Set To Put Her On The Map


The music video medium may not be on MTV much anymore but there is still a need for high quality videos to help promote your music.  Youtube has become a huge music discovery tool especially for teenagers today.  An artist that we had brought to your attention before is back with her debut music video.  Let us refresh your mind about Al-x.

The exotic pop star in the making brings in elements of many different styles to create her own personal sound that is sultry and draws in any listener in a trance like way.  Now with the video for “On The Dark Side” she brings you more into her visual world with a video that has the professionalism of an experienced starlet.

“Will you go into the darkness? Pop artist Al-x brings her electro-dreamy-pop song to life with a video that has at its heart the biggest war of all – the war within oneself. A tbsp of electronica, a couple dashes of Madonna, a sprinkling of good old-fashioned dancing. The artist, who’s a hybrid of singer-songwriter & electropop styles, is excited to be releasing this unique music video.”

“I am so glad that I discovered Al-x’s music! This EP is absolutely amazing…The first time I heard Sorry, it gave me goosebumps all over! Al-x’s voice is so beautiful, and she gives her all in each and every song. Definitely a must for music lovers!”


Meet a talented pop singer and songwriter ‘Al-x’

We recently interviewed A very talented pop singer and songwriter Al-x. Conversation was mainly about music, life, recent release and future goals. We are sure you will love the interview. Here it is.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming release “Fearless”. What is the inspiration behind this song?

Al-x : I’m extra excited about Fearless! Because it comes from a different place than most of what I’ve released and also because I think it could help other people. Music has made me feel more understood, more empowered, less alone. And I believe this is the type of song that can do that for other people. Maybe help them get through something they’re struggling with. It came from a place where I was really battling and even though they were my own words, the song made me feel like I could overcome what was going on.

It’s available at iTunes you can buy it there.

Twist Online : You have performed at the top independent venues in LA, any particular event that’s unforgettable?

Al-x : Well my first show ever is something I’ll never forget, but one I would say is playing at the Whisky on Sunset Blvd. It’s not the type of venue that really does my type of music, but my fans and friends came out, and people who are generally into totally different genres ended up staying and watching my set. There was a video camera on me, stage lights, those old very rock-n-roll dressing rooms, my name on the famous marquee. It just felt very monumental to me. And having people sing something back to you never gets old.


“I can’t take Supernatural and Sorry off repeat!!! Al-x is magical and reminds me of Kylie Minogue, whom I adore!!! A definite must!!!”



She released her first music video this summer and is back with an unprecedented medley video which was just released yesterday – we got the inside scoop on some of Al-x’s work, as well as the medley video, which you can view below! Enjoy!

Entertwine: How long have you been writing music? What inspired you to pursue a career in music in the first place?

Al-x: I strongly believe people should do what they love and follow their dreams. Life is too short not to.

I’ve been writing music since I was a teenager. I fell in love with performing when I was 5 and have explored various ways to express myself through dance, acting, singing, writing and drawing. I find that writing music & performing it gives me the most pure high and allows me to connect with people in a unique and beautiful way.

Entertwine: Could you tell us about the new project you plan to release tomorrow?

Al-x: The project out on Dec 15th is sort of an early holiday gift – and it’s something that has NEVER been done before…

I had success with a cover song on my last EP, so I thought I might do another. It’s a great way to be creative in a different form and a way to reach some new people. But so many people have posted cover songs of everything you could think of on Youtube.

So I composed a mega medley instead! It’s of Madonna songs, a song from each of her 12 previous studio albums, leading up to her 13th album due out next year. In under 5 minutes, I take the listener on a journey, with one song leading into the next with my own unique acoustic interpretations of these huge hits. In the video for it, I draw on the inspiration of “reinvention” as I transform myself into over a dozen different looks.

I hope people will Share the medley video from my youtube channel and soundcloud Also please follow me on social media & sign up on my website!

“This new EP by Al-x is extraordinary, and unique. I’m obsessed and blasting it though my speakers, I wanna get higher so I’ll start tonight”


Always Music Video

Exclusive Independent Spotlight Interview – Al-x

The following is an exclusive Independent Spotlight interview with a compelling new rising performer, Al-x. She’s released a brand new music video today – see the link at the bottom of the interview to check it out!

Q: Your music is intriguing because you wear many hats throughout its inception and production. You’re playing guitar, singing, dancing, songwriting, producing, and so on. How do you manage to combine all of that into one coherent piece of art? You’re operating on more levels than the typical independent musician.

Al-x: Well, first let me thank you for this interview and the opportunity to be on your blog! Secondly, thanks for the compliment – at least I took it as a compliment to be operating on many different levels. I have worked with other musicians and producers, but a lot of my work has been on my own. I like conceptualizing something from the beginning, trying different things with it, building upon it and coming out with a gem that started from just a spark.

I know some artists can’t or don’t like to do that whole process on their own, but for me, I find it gratifying to use many different parts of myself to come out with the end product. It feels like a full-body experience.

“It is such a happy and uplifting pop song from a star in the making….I feel my mood uplifted as soon as I hear this song great work Al-x, can not wait for the rest of the EP now…I have heard some of the on soundcloud need to own them soon!! Thanks for the great music you bring into our lives … :))

EB, Scotland

Always Music Video

“Always” by Al-x Brings Back Girls with Guitars – With A Twist

Hailing from LA, Al-x is a singer and songwriter who dances and plays guitar – sometimes at the same time. She takes a unique approach to her blend of pop music. Her sound blurs the lines between electronica, contemporary pop and singer-songwriter music, going for an appealing, fresh and relatable feel.

Al-x is quickly rising in the competitive LA music scene, as she already performed live at some of the most famous venues in the city and released well-received EPs. Her latest single, “Always”, is catchy, dynamic and forward-thinking with an infectious beat and relatable lyrics that truly resonate with listener. The official video for “Always”, premiering September 18, showcases Al-x’s creativity and vision, from a spunky girl dancing with her guitar to feeling the thrill of love to basking in the beauty of California. Don’t miss it and let the music tell you the rest of the story!

“I’ve been following Alex now for little under a year. This to me is a catchy dance pop tune and Alex’s voice are clear and the lyrics are telling the listener “we belong together” and you can’t help but dance to the song. She’s to me a breathe of fresh air as the more commercial artist of today tend to overdramatize the simplest of tunes. Well done Alex what in my opinion is a stunning gem.”

RR, South Africa

Always Music Video

Summer Love Pops: LA-based Singer Al-x Releases Official Music Video ALWAYS

The artist has announced the official music video release for the lighthearted love song, now streaming for your listening pleasure on YouTube. If there is one thing that we can all agree on, the world can use a whole lot more love! On “ALWAYS” Al-x delivers delicate guitar-infused rhythms, glittery synths, and of course a beautiful vocal performance. If you enjoy listening to music from artists such as Taylor Swift and Colbie Calliat, you will enjoy taking in the sights and sounds of Al-x.

The music video for “ALWAYS” compiles the fabulous elements of summer into a visually stunning experience. From rolling waves that wash ashore, to sandy beaches, and breathtaking sunsets, Al-x creates the perfect backdrop as she softly croons heartfelt lyrics and strums an infectious tune. “ALWAYS’ is a song that is as carefree and memorable as Al-x’s windswept, red hair as she playfully dances throughout different frames, singing about unbreakable true love.

“ALWAYS” is an uplifting number with feel-good energy. Al-x introduces fun, dance-worthy beats fused with a gentle acoustic feel. Her youthful vocals illuminate the song as she delivers meaningful versus and a catchy chorus. Al-x describes “ALWAYS” as a “fun smile-inducing song about summer love that turns eternal, from the city of eternal summer”.

Based in LA, Al-x is a singer, songwriter, and musician. Her music is a unique fusion of pop, contemporary pop, and electronica. Al-x delivers a refreshing style with mass-appeal that almost anyone can relate to. Having developed a catalog of over 300 songs, the artist has garnered acclaim for her performances at numbers LA venues including the Knitting Factory, Whisky a Go Go, The Key Club, The House of Blues, and many more. With a growing international fan-base, Al-x has worked with several musicians and producers, including renowned members of icon Madonna’s own music team. No stranger to music, Al-x has released over 3 EPs and continues to expand her reach as an artist. Keep up with Al-x on her Official Website.